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I recently got a request for a look at the history Tarot cards and a research on this subject, I found a lot of deep-seated myths that many sites take these facts. There are however, a handful with do touch on the truth and several that go in depth and I mean in depth. So here is the story:
Playing cards were Chinese invention, originally from their way to Europe through the Muslim world. Probably Muslim Spain. It says they appear quite suddenly in many different cities in Europe between 1375 and 1378. And about fifty years later in northern Italy, the cards began to change. Among the changes was the addition of 22 special cards. The subjects of these were staples of medieval art. The emperor, the Pope, allegories of love, death, wheel of fortune, moral virtues and they varied from deck to deck. But one thing is certain: this was a card game very similar to modern Bridge. One of the earliest known examples comes from the Duke Filippo Visconti, who commissioned a hand painted deck based on his designs, an executed by his astronomer astrologer sometime before 1425. By the 1450s decks of these new triumph cards were being ordered for use at various courts for special occasions. Around 1530 the name of the cards change to Tarrochi which in French is Tarot. And then in the late seventeen hundreds Tarot was reinvented by two Frenchmen. Not knowing or caring much about Tarot's 250-year history they invented a detailed orgy involving Egyptian initiations, Jewish mystics and vagabond gypsies. Now it was a tool for fortune telling and finally in the mid eighteen hundreds Tarot was reinvented a second time by a handful of men including a Catholic priest. From this point on it became known as a timeless body of knowledge with its mysterious roots, wrapped in mysticism and miracle. ~music~ And that's Tarot 101. So what do you think, can the cards predict our future? I have my doubts. But hey, that's my opinion. If you're interested in finding out more, you know where to look. The informations are out there, you just have to find it. And if you believe what the card say it looks like we'll meeting again soon. I'll see you then.

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