András Lorincz
Head, Senior Reseracher
Neural Information Processing Group (NIPG)

NIPG is a multidisciplinary team of mathematicians, programmers, computer scientists and physicists.

Research of the group focuses on distributed intelligent systems, human computer collaboration and their applications in neurobiological and cognitive modeling, as well as medicine.

András Lorincz and other members of the group teach some of the most popular courses in the Faculty of Informatics about Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

Members in 2010
End of years of basic researches
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Members in 2012
Dwelled on R+D+I
Tool for collaborative annotation
1. Handorino
2. Indoor navigation
3. Games: screeinng and therapy

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Entertaining educational game
1. Frame game for setting stress level
2. Mini games for inductive reasoning
3. Added value measured

AAC Telepresence
Communication Prize at Lille, 2014
The video won the Best Student Video prize at the AAAI 2014 video competition!
Mission statement is here

Brigitta Miksztai Réthey won
the "Full Time Angel" title from
Vodafone. Congratulations!