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Current status and usefulness is indicated in the link to my pages by a number in brackets ranging from zero to nine, of which zero indicates a mere proposal, and nine stands for total completion (according to the current scope that is).
Apologies for the bunch of broken links...

About me [5]
 CV [0]
 My FAQ [0]
 Me and computers [5]
 Friends [1]
 My work [1]
  Me and blogs [1]
  scripting [1]
  Me and functional programming [2]
  256b [2]
  My microcontroller and electronics projects [2]
  Future projects [1]
  ELTE homework [1]
  My ASCII art [6]
 Site background [2]
 Current site status [3]
Entertainment [4]
 Computer games [3]
 Quotes [8]
 Link archive [7]
 ELTE AA 1-2 [8]
  ELTE AA1 [8]
  ELTE AA2 [8]
 ELTE links [0]
Technical (hw, prog, OS) [1]
 HW [2]
  TFT [2]
  PDA [5]
   Ericsson MC218 [7]
  MCU's [3]
  Cool projects [4]
  Batteries [1]
  PIC's [0]
  BlueBaby NI-MH [7]
 OS [2]
  About Linux [2]
  Damn Small Linux [2]
  Old PC + DOS [0]
  X with 8MB RAM [2]
 Computer programming [1]
  256-byte games [4]
  The programming language titled brainfuck [7]
  Game of Life [1]
  PC assembly language [3]
  HLL - ASM [0]
 Security [2]
Health [1]
 Bicycle [1]
 Dvorak [8]
Environment [1]
 How to stop [0]
 Public transportation [1]
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