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That was the university home page of Páli Gábor János who worked as assistant professor at the Department of Programming Languages and Compilers. Now, this page only serves as place to collect all of his course materials he created over the years at the university during his work.


Materials for the following courses could be found on this page:

Advanced Functional Programming
Agda (EC)
Basic Java
Collaborative Development Using Subversion: A Quick Tour
Funkcionális nyelvek (MSc)
Funkcionális nyelvek 2 (MSc)
Haladó Haskell (EC)
Nyelvek típusrendszere (MSc)
Programozási nyelvek II. Java (BSc)
Quick Start to Functional Programming Through Haskell
Support Materials of the 3rd Winter School for PhD Students (WSPS3)

Last modification: 7 July, 2017