Short Bio

Hi! My name is Richárd Olivér Legéndi, I am a Ph.D. student at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary. My recent research interests include agent-based modelling and dynamic networks.

I have a strong connection to the Multi-Agent Simulation Group of AITIA International, Inc., and to several university-related companies (ELTE-Soft, ELTE IKKK).

This page is mainly dedicated to my teaching and research activities, especially to my work focusing on various aspects and applications of Agent-Based Simulations. You can read some interesting news about the subject at the Agent Portal.

I am taking part in the development of the Multi-Agent Simulation Suite (MASS). I am one of the main developers of the Functional Agent-Based Language for Simulations (FABLES), an easy-to-use programming language for agent-based simulations and its Eclipse-based integrated development environment. It requires minimal programming skills and lets modelers create concise definitions of their models in a declarative way, similar in style to model descriptions in scientific publications.

My Ph.D. research focuses on dynamic information and social networks. Problems I investigate are motivated by the need to understand the inherent properties brought by the evolution of networks and changes over time.